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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Intimacy Booster Resources

See: Porn Proofing Booster #3: Intimacy

We touch people differently when being affectionate than when being courteous. A handshake may be courteous; holding hands can be affectionate. Youth need to see you being both courteous and affectionate. You can teach them how to be affectionate by hugging or giving them a gentle kiss, playing games with them, talking to and touching them gently, and telling them you love them. It is crucial that you continue the warm and loving acceptance that helped your children establish their gender identity and healthy intimacy in earlier years. Children should learn that Natural Affection is healthy and desirable. Give your children many direct opportunities to experience positive and caring relationships at home, church and at school. Help children express and receive appropriate positive affection with important people in their lives. Teach them that healthy intimacy leads to healthy sexuality. And that healthy sexuality is a gift from God.

Remember, as an Inspired Parent with Common Sense you determine the dose size, the frequency of administration, and the timing of the immunization boosters

As directed in  Porn Proofing Booster #3: Intimacy you initially simply Take Your Child's Temperature by asking questions, shutting-up and listening. At a later time - of your choice- you administer the actual booster. See: Porn Proofing Kids - Directions. Here are samples of specific "booster resources" you may consider as an Inspired Parent with Common Sense.

It is time to start a discussion about "Intimacy Boosters" with your kid!


Booster: Teach Good and Bad Touch. Specifically identify the "good and bad touch" areas and who to tell if "bad touch" occurs. Once puberty begins have youth verbalize to you specific body parts of peer males and females which are examples of "good and bad touch". Make sure you always use the correct names for body parts -no slang- in their discussion with you. 

Booster Resources
Good and Bad Touch -Family Help Center
Porn Proofing Booster #1: Body Dr. Rick's Blog - Name of body parts
Booster: Set an Example for and Teach Healthy Affection. Teach appropriate affection by demonstrating such behavior towards immediate and extended family members. Pay attention to your words, behaviors, and touch as you teach. For example, consider kissing and hugging passionately your romantic partner / spouse in front of the kids. Healthy affection and sexual relations as ordained of God is not dirty or bad. 

Booster Resources
As a parent review: Importance of Parental Affection
As a parent review: Adolescence and Physical Affection with Parents   
As a parent review: Subheading- Teach Children How Intimate Relationships Differ from Others  from A Parent's Guide Chapter 4- LDS.org
Booster: Remind Frequently About God's Glorious Sexual Brain Chemistry. Healthy sexuality only occurs between a married man and a woman-Natural Affection. God created the chemistry in the brain causing the sexual pleasure response. This sexual response between a male and a female is necessary for God's Plan of Salvation to work.  Beginning in puberty, this sexual chemistry becomes strong and constant. This is similar to "booster" used as a "Body Booster-

Booster Resources
We Believe in Being Chaste. David A. Bednar (Video 1.17)
Return to Virtue Elaine Dalton (Video 2.30)
I Choose to be Pure  Mormon Messages (Video 4.17)
Chastity: What are the Limits? Mormon Messages (Video 4.0)
God's Plan for Sex  Dr. Rick's Blog
God's Love Chemicals Dr. Rick's Blog
Sexual Purity. For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet
No Other Gods LDS.org (Video 1.27)
Chapter 5: Teaching Adolescents: from Twelve to Eighteen Years. A Parent's Guide

Booster: Remind Frequently About Satan's Disgusting Synthetic Sexuality. Recognizing the power of the God's sexual response, Satan has created synthetic sexual counterfeits including movies, books, chatrooms, pictures, porn etc-Unnatural Affection. These materials can trigger God's glorious sexual brain chemistry. These "pleasure chemicals" triggered from media or some other "synthetic" source may seem similar to God's "pleasure chemicals" obtained in healthy sexuality found between a real life man and woman. But, they are not! Satan's disgusting synthetic counterfeits trigger the sexual brain chemistry outside of marriage cause unnatural side effects.

Booster Resources
Teach the Sexual Response is a Biological Response. Dr. Rick's Blog
Puberty The Second Fire Dr. Rick's Blog
Spirit and Body Voices For Virtue (Video 2.51) 

And other activities as the Inspired Parent with common sense will have for their specific children.

Ponder and pray about your children's or grandchildren's need to begin the Porn Proofing "Booster Series." Consider your ability as a parent or grandparent to successfully inoculate them against porn and other immoral sexual behavior

Review Porn Proofing Kids Series:
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Porn Proofing Booster #1: The Body
Body Booster Resources
Porn Proofing Booster #2: Gender
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Porn Proofing Booster #3: Intimacy
Intimacy Booster Resources

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