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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Body Booster Resources

See: Porn Proofing Booster #1: The Body

Encourage youth to establish habits of good nutrition, hygiene, grooming, and exercise. Help them to accept their body's divine nature and destiny.  Teach them that they are in control of who touches their bodies and how. Remind them "they are the boss of their body." Each youth goes through puberty. Begin early helping them to prepare for these predictable body changes. Teach correct names for body parts and functions. Remind youth often about the biological nature of God's sexual response and their Spirit's responsibility to manage their body's sexual response.

Remember, as an Inspired Parent with Common Sense you determine the dose size, the frequency of administration, and the timing of the immunization boosters.

As directed in Porn Proofing Booster #1: The Body you initially simply Take Your Child's Temperature by asking questions, shutting-up and listening. At a later time - of your choice- you administer the actual booster.  See: Porn Proofing Kids - Directions. Here are samples of specific "booster resources" you may consider as an Inspired Parent with Common Sense. 

It is time to start a discussion about "Body Boosters" with your kid! 

Booster: Repeat often the concept that the Body is a Temple. As old as this saying is, it is critical to help youth understand and accept Paul's teaching (1 Corinthians 3:16-17). Our bodies were created in the image of God. They are a gift from Heavenly Father to allow us to experience mortality, procreate, and continue to become more like Him. To the extent youth understand and accept this concept is the extent they dress modestly, have a tattoo free body, and recognizes appropriate touch.

Booster Resources:
Why I Should Treat My Body Like A Temple Aaronic Priesthood- Come Follow Me
Why I Should Treat My Body Like A Temple Young Women - Come Follow Me
My Body Is A Temple By Marissa Widdison, Liahona, July 2014
The Body Is A Temple Home and Family Education Chapter 8
Ye Are The Temple Of God By Boyd K. Packer, Conference October 2000
Tattoos And Piercings Gordon B. Hinckley speaks against tattoos. (Video 1:29)
Bodies Are Temples Thomas S. Monson talks how our bodies are temples of God. (Video 4:41)

Booster: Use Correct Names for Body Parts and Functions. One way to reinforce "The Body is a Temple" is to immediately begin using scientific names for sexual parts and functions. Never use slang! Slang terms are not in keeping with the divine origin of our bodies. For example use "Breasts" not "Boobs" and "Penis" not "Weenie" etc

Booster Resources:
Chapter 4: Teaching Children: from Four to Eleven Years A Parent's Guide, LDS.Org.
Sexual Curiosity Focus On the Family
Talking With Your Children About Moral Puberty Ensign, December 1986 Talks about Masturbation

Booster: Have Open Discussions About Puberty. By age 10 or 11 a young person should have a general understanding about what is about to happen to their bodies during puberty. In many ways, "preparing for puberty" is like "preparing for baptism." (Both are a baptism by fire!) Provide lessons and multiple discussions about puberty. Early on in puberty parents should have additional detailed discussions about topics like menstruation for girls and wet-dreams for boys.

Booster Resources:
How To Talk To Your Child About Puberty By Robert Crown Centers For Health Education. This site has a variety of great resources including an excellent video- How To Discuss Puberty
Chapter 4: Teaching Children: from Four to Eleven Years A Parent's Guide, LDS.Org.
Chapter 5: Teaching Adolescents from Twelve to Eighteen A Parent's Guide, LDS.Org.
Teaching Children About Physical Development By Lynn Scoresby Ensign, June 1988
Teaching About Procreation and Chastity Family Home Evening Manual
Checklist for Puberty Talk With Your Daughter, Psychology Today
Puberty: The Second Fire Dr Rick's Blog
The Care and Keeping of You- The Body Book For Girls  American Girl

Booster: Teach Sexual Response as a Biological Response. This is one of those facts science has taught us in recent years. There is lots of resources teaching how brain chemistry relates to viewing pornography, touching and the sexual response. The sexual response although "God Given," functions through hormones and neurotransmitters. In order for a youth to control the sexual response they will have to first recognize their personal sexual response and the ability of their Spirit to control that response (See: Anatomy of a Soul.) It's your job as a parent to teach about that sacred response. NOT MINE!

Booster Resources:
God's Love Chemicals Dr Rick's Blog
Your Brain On Sexual Imagery  Science 2.0

Ponder and pray about which child would benefit from which Body Booster. 
Find other Body Booster Resources and share with us on the comments section below.

An example of a Body Booster:
"Muscles and Men" and a 9 year old boy.

Review Porn Proofing Kids Series:
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Porn Proofing Booster #1: The Body
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